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Asen Peykov

Peykov was born in Sofia in 1908. In 1914 the family moved to Sevlievo. After his father’s death in 1923 Assen Peykov moved in Sozopol, where he first began to work with sculpture. He graduated from the Academy of Arts with a gold medal. He participated in the competition for the monument to the brothers Evlogy and Hristo Georgiev the Sofia University and received a second prize. In 1938 he opened his first solo exhibition in his studio of “Tsar Liberator” in Sofia. Several months after leaving permanently Bulgaria. Largo Assen Peykov in Rome After his departure from Bulgaria Asen Peykov lives in Paris, Madrid, United States, until he settled in Italy. In the following years Peykov became one of the leading figures of Italian sculpture. Student of Professor Andrey Nikolov and follower of the Roman plastic school created over 1,300 works. In his studio on the rue Marguta № 54 in Rome, do portraits of many prominent Italian intellectuals as well as a number of world figures. Among the numerous works of Peykov best known statue of Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome, bronze Minerva at Università of Bari, the marble statue of San Giovanni in Rome, the figure of athletes Chekinyola, bust of Pope Pius 12th for Congress center “Miliore Mondo” in Rome. Author is also bronze rose – a symbol of “Premium liking” one of Rome’s most prestigious awards, established in 1967 Assen Peykov died in 1973 in Rome.  

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