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Dimitar Boyukliiski

He was born on September 7, 1943 in Sofia in the family of the artist Cyril Bouyuklyiski and Nevena Georgieva. During the period 1957-1962, the study at the Art School in Sofia from 1964 to 1969 is painting with Professor Ilia Petrov at the Art Academy in Sofia. In 1973, he married the artist Maya BUYUKLIISKI of which subsequently had two children. 1970 work “Family”, which participated in the exhibition of artists Sofia is noted by critics as one of the best 1971 composition “Summer” outlining his search in the nude 1974 created the painting “Still Life”, which is defined by critics as “a model for future searches” 1975 First Prize of the Committee on Youth and Sports of the Fourth National Youth Exhibition for “hockey” 1976 Third Prize of the Union of Bulgarian Artists Competition in nude for the painting “Nude” 1977 Annual Award for Literature and Art for “Celebration” 1978 First solo exhibition in the gallery “Rakovsky” 125 – Sofia in September – exhibition in “Desa”, Warsaw, Poland, 29 and November – December 4 – Participation in Internationaler Kunstmarkt, Dusseldorf, Germany; Award Union of Bulgarian Artists for overall performance of the Fifth National Youth Exhibition 1979 June 30 – 30 September – participation in the “XI Festival International de Peinture” Cannes-sur-Mer, France July 1980 – present their works at the annual international competition of Academia Internationale De L’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy. Second Prize “Meduza Aurea” by an international jury, his paintings are displayed in the “Paige Gallery”, Dallas, USA, and gallery “Mocoon”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1981 20th October – 6th November – Michi participate in representative exhibition “Contemporary Bulgarian Art” at the Royal Festival Hall, London, Great Britain ¬, 12th May – 5th June – his works are included in the exhibition “Contemporary Bulgarian Art “shown in the City of Stuttgart, Germany, and present in the gallery” Van Helland “, Stockholm, Sweden 1982 June 23 – July 25 – participates in the exhibition “Paintings, prints and small sculptures from Bulgaria” at Gallerie der Kunstler, Munich, Germany 1984 20th – January 23 – participation in “the International Contemporary Art Fair” at the Barbican Art Centre, London, UK May – presented in the exhibition “Contemporary Bulgarian Art” in Lisbon, Portugal; solo exhibition in September “Balabanov House”, Plovdiv and 18 – 31 October – his works are included in the exhibition “Modern Bulgarian Artists’ Gallery at” De Nieuve Kerk “, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, participation in” Interart “, Poznan, Poland, First Prize for a work of art contest theme of the Committee for Culture and the Union of Bulgarian Artists December 1985 – solo exhibition in the gallery “Rakovsky” 133 Sofia 1986 and February 19 – March 16 – participates in the exhibition “Contemporary Bulgarian painting” in “National Gallery of Modern Art”, New Delhi, India, presented in a gallery “Eoniki Pina Kookhk”, Athens, Greece, in “Galerie Vaclava Spaly “, Prague, Czechoslovakia, in” Galerie Cypriana Majernika “, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia and participated in the exhibition” Contemporary Bulgarian Art “in the” Centro Cultural del Conde Duque “, Madrid, Spain, and the exhibition” 5 +5 Bulgarian painters and schedules “in” International Images Ltd “Brunswick, OH, PA, USA 1987 his works were shown in January at the Gallery “Towo Art”, Tokyo, Japan, and in February “Foiles Gallery”, London, UK in September – a solo exhibition at “International Images Ltd.”, Brunswick, OH, PA, USA; participated in collective exhibitions in “Firebird Gallery”, Alexandria, VA, USA; Glass Growers Gallery “, Irie, Pennsylvania, USA;” Roerich Museum “, New York, USA; appearance in a row” Interart “, Poznan, Poland April 1988 – solo exhibition at “Standard Chartered Bank”, Lusaka, Zambia, participation in a collective exhibition in “Von Brahler Gallery”, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, participation in “Interart”, Poznan, Poland 1989 and March 30 – April 2 – Participation in “, International Contemporary Art Fair” and “Olympia”, London, UK 26th October – participation and purchases of “Composition II” at Sotheby’s auction 1990 February 22 – participation and purchases of “Composition I” of Sotheby’s auction March 1991 – solo exhibition “Vandergeeten Art Gallery”, Antver ¬ extent, Belgium Prize for Painting at City Hall Boshut, Belgium 1992 May-June – solo exhibition at the gallery “Willeirs”, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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