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Ivan Markvichka

Ivan Markvicka is a Bulgarian painter of Czech origin. Professor Ivan Markvicka e born in the village visible in Dubai, Czech Republic on April 23, 1856. He studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in Munich Art Academy. At the invitation of the Government of Eastern Rumelia in 1881 came to Bulgaria. He was appointed as a teacher in Plovdiv, in high school, “St. Cyril and Methodius “(Yellow School, also known as Gerovi school), and later in high school,” Alexander I “. He was an important figure of the Bulgarian art scene after the Liberation, one of the founders of the new Bulgarian art. The most significant artistic achievement in its genre: folk festivals, customs, as an example in this genre is his famous painting “Rachenitsa.” Work in the field of historical painting. With great honesty and a deep sense of patriotism recreates the pages of the history of Bulgaria. He left his portraits of great artistic value. After more than four decades, is back in the Czech Republic, where he died on May 16, 1938  

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