Bogomir Lazov

Landscape-65x54 cm - Bogomir Lazov

Landscape-65x54 cm

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Bogomir Lazov

Bogomir Lazov was born on February 15, 1906 in the town of Kyustendil. He graduated the Art Academy – Sofia, with specialty painting (1931). He worked as a painting teacher in the villages of Kolarovo, Petrich, Dragan, Radomir, Kula, Koprivshtitsa, Radomir and Kyustendil (1939-1961). As a teacher at the Kyustendil High School he has painted over 120 portraits of famous Bulgarian and foreign scientists, writers and revolutionaries. Also, he has been the author of the interior design of the Georgi Dimitrov Museum in the village of Kovachevtsi, at the area of Pernik and was the one of the founders of the picture gallery and the museum in Kyustendil (1954). He has been the creative secretary of the UBA Regional Group.

He has painted portraits, still-life and multifigurative compositions, but is is best known with the watercolor landscape. He has taken part in joint artistic regional and zonal exhibitions. He organized 5 solo exhibitions in Radomir (1937) and Kyustendil (1943, 1948 and 1960) and his works can be seen in the Art Gallery “Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master” in private collections.