Genko Genkov

Genko Genkov was born on 1 February 1923 in the village of Choba near Brezovo. He grew up in Burgas. He graduated а Secondary High School in Burgas. In 1948 he graduated the Art  Academy in Sofia when the       teacher is Prof. Dechko Uzunov. His first solo exhibition was in 1965, In 1973 a retrospective exhibition was organized for his 50th anniversary. Since 1972 he has been awarded the Third Degree Cyril and Methodius     Medal. His penultimate solo exhibition was in 1993 and the last one in 2006.

 Before changes in 1989, Genko Genkov Genko Genkov was known in the intellectual circles as the dissident.

 He died on 3 March 2006.

Genko created predominantly landscapes that distinguish with style - bright color and relief surfaces. In the early years of his work, the artist showed preference for the darker colors. In his landscapes there are   images of people and animals. A tree, house, mountain, or path in nature serves as the compositional center of his paintings. Genko Genkov prefers to paint nature, often recreating Sofia neighborhoods or the suburbs of the villages of Rudartsi and Dragoil.

Over the years, the artist has experimented with various techniques. In the 1970s he developed the capabilities of different materials, treated oil as a watercolor, handled the surface with sand or replaced the brush with a knife. In the 90s he used pigments resembling of ceramic glaze. In his work can be found echoes of the art of post-impressionism and Fauvisme.