Georgi Baev

He was born in Burgas on November 9, 1924. In 1949 he graduated painting in the Academy of Arts in Sofia in the class of Academician Iliya Petrov and Prof. Dechko Uzunov. Until 1960, he worked mainly on graphic and stage design at the puppet theater in Burgas. His first international recognition was in 1957 at the 6th World Youth Festival in Moscow. After that folling dozens of performances in Bulgaria and abroad, many awards, membership in UBA,becomes an honorary member and correspondent member of the Austrian Association of Artists "Kyunstler House", the Japanese Association of Artists "Nika Kai" ....  A hard time in his Life was 1983 when his studio was lit and all his pictures had burnt in the fire. That made him even more ambitious and the next year he showed the compositions "Aggression", "Apocalypse Now", "Simple Fascism", "The Next Day After the Nuclear Bomb", "Udovik", "Memories", which have become an event. Later, the canvases were exhibited in Vienna, and Professor Peter Wundelli said that these were works of one of the great humanists of Europe and the world. In 1986, Baev became the winner of the Herder Award of the Vienna Academy of Arts.

He is presented in the 34-volume of Academy of Art Dictionary of McMillan, many times nominated for "Man of the Year," "People Who Influences," "Who's Who" of American and English Biography Institutes. Searched by galleys in Bulgaria and abroad, defined as a man with tough character, but hearty and with great strength. His paintings have been redeemed or donated to many places in Bulgaria, the artist has sent his works even to the hungry children in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Georgi Baev is a deputy at the VII Grand National Assembly (1990-1991). He is among the 39 UDF deputies who left the 1991 Grand National Assembly in 1991, because of disagreement with the constitution adopted on July 12, 1991, and began a hunger strike.


1962 Exhibition with Zlatyu Boyadzhiev in Bucharest, Delhi, Indonesia, China, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco; Participation in a representative exhibition of Bulgarian artists in Paris

02.1964 First solo exhibition in Sofia

05.1964 First solo exhibition in Burgas

1972 Participation in the Biennale in Cannes-sur-Mer, France, Independent exhibition - London; Independent exhibition - Sofia; Participation in exhibition-donation for Banja Luka, Bosnia

1974 Participation in a representative exhibition in Paris, Independent exhibition in Burgas, Participation in a group exhibition in Plovdiv

1976 Independent exhibition in Vienna and Linz, Austria

1989 Participation in the Biennial of European Graphics in Prague, Independent Exhibition in Varna

10.11.2004 Bourgas, Petko Zadgorski Gallery - Jubilee Retrospective Exhibition

11.11.2004 Bourgas, Bourgas Gallery - painting

18.05.2005 Sofia, Arte Gallery - painting

19.07.2005 Plovdiv, International Art Fair "Impression"

20.08.2006 Bourgas, participation in the national biennial "Friends of the Sea"

He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in USA, Mexico, Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, USSR, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, China, India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan.


1957 - Laureate of VI World Youth Festival - Moscow

1961 - Silver medal at the First National Youth Exhibition

1964 - Landscape Award - OCHI, Sofia, Award from Sozopol and the Sea Exhibition - Sozopol

1965 - Prize from the exhibition "Sozopol and the Sea" - Sozopol

1966 - Prize from the exhibition "Sozopol and the Sea" - Sozopol

1968 - Prize for Painting at the National Exhibition "Friends of the Sea" - Burgas, Sozopol and the Sea Exhibition Award - Sozopol

1969 - Landscape Award - OCHI, Sofia, Award from Sozopol and the Sea Exhibition - Sozopol

1971 - Prize for painting at the General Exhibition of South Bulgarian Artists - Plovdiv

1972 - Painting award "Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora"

1974 - Prize for painting at the National Exhibition "Friends of the Sea" - Burgas

1976 - Annual award for fine arts - Burgas

1982 - Annual award for fine arts - Burgas

1983 - Award from the exhibition "Man and the Sea" - Varna

1984 - Award from the competition "Man and the Sea" - Varna

1985 - Prize of the International Exhibition of Realistic Painting - Sofia

1986 - The Gottfried von Herder Prize at the University of Vienna

1996 - Award of the Union of Bulgarian Artists for Total Creativity, Award from Third International Triennial of Realistic Painting - Sofia

21.10.1997 - Honorary member of the "Art Maintenance in Bulgaria"

24.07.1998 - Honorary citizen of Burgas

2000 - Silver Cross of the Cavallet Gallery - Varna

07.2005 - Impression Award for Complete Creativity of UBA and International Art Fair - Plovdiv

2002, 2003, 2004 - Man of the Year of the American Biographical Institute (ABI)

Winner of annual awards of the Union of Bulgarian Artists

Winner of the Medal "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ": Second grade; I degree - twice

Bearer of the People's Republic of Bulgaria Order II

Bearer of the Georgi Dimitrov Order

Acquired with the titles Honored Artist - 1974, and Popular Artist - 1984

Presented in McMillan's 34-volume English Dictionary, 1995 - London