Milcho Spasov

Milcho Spasov was born in the village of Chereshovitsa, Berkovitsa district,

on January 11, 1950

He studied interior architecture and worked as a film artist in

Berkovitsa and Varshets.

Fate with him with Prof. Svetlin Rusev, from whom he learned. Through

1982 when organizing an exhibition of his students in Warsaw

Prof. Svetlin Rusev discovers it and encourages its development.

Milcho Spasov became a member of the UBA in 1985.

Specifics of work - oil paints. He lives and works in Bulgaria.

His paintings are owned by the National Art Gallery,

Sofia City Art Gallery and almost all

art galleries in Bulgaria, private collections and galleries from

Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, Cyprus,

Hungary, Yugoslavia and others